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I don't consider this a "fashion blog". It's just a place to upload my OOTD occasionally. Feel free to ask me about certain pieces.


kill me. I’m too old to do this party thing!

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such a waste just for work.

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shirt - monki.
jeans - primark.
shoes and jacket - h&m.
heart tunnel - ebay

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new shoes from primark. love ‘em!

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valentines-day? more like I-look-cute-every-day!
I forgot my “not u” pin tho, now I’m bummed out!

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I hope this doesn’t need a text because I’m lazy as hell hahaha if you have questions, don’t hesitate to ask.

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I’ve got a super cute dark blue jacket. My friends said it makes her look a giant blueberry but I love it :3

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and to end personal spam for now, have my face :)

and to end personal spam for now, have my face :)

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forever this angle to take pictures hahaha.
some recent ootd’s.

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